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Arkham Knight is performing slightly better on this driver. While FPS and the average frame times are about the same, both the lower 1% and 0.1% Frame Times are lower by a non-trivial amount.

Once again, the DX11 Wildlands benchmark is also almost equal to the last driver both in raw FPS numbers and NVIDIA drivers download on Frame Times as well. FPS and average Frame Times are the same, but the lower 0.1% Frame Time is lower on a significant amount, so this driver seems to improve the smoothness and reduce lag spikes during playtime. FarCry 5 seems to be working slightly worse on this new driver.

While framerate is almost the same, maybe just a hair slower, the loss is more noticeable on the lower 1% Frame Times, which indicates a bit more stuttering during the benchmark. Raw Frames per Second numbers and Frame Times are again stable across releases. So far the game is rock solid for me on DX12, and tons of fun too. Perceived smoothness during gameplay is also the same as before.

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Once again, all numbers stay in the same range as the previous driver. FarCry 5 improved quite a lot on 418.81, and is still performing great with the new driver. Averages are even a hair better , while the Lower Frame Time 1% also improves a bit.

I think it’s pretty safe to upgrade to this release for anyone already using the 4xx driver branch, . For people owning a Pascal card and still on the current Windows 10 v1809 , I still believe the 425 release is smoother overall. Unless you need one of the bug fixes or own one of the new G-Sync compatible monitors. Performance-wise this one is almost the same or a tiny bit better than the previous driver. It does have some new G-Sync compatible monitors, a bunch of bug fixes, and three security vulnerability fixes.

DX11 Wildlands benchmark is another carbon copy of the previous driver. Some numbers above, some below, all within a narrow error margin. Frame Times got a bit better on the last driver for me, and they are holding strong in this release. Like The Division, the DX11 Wildlands benchmark is also almost equal both in raw FPS numbers and on Frame Times as the previous driver. Perceived smoothness during actual gameplay is also indistinguishable from 418.

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Arkham Knight and its Unreal Engine is getting a very small but consistent hit in performance. About 1 less FPS on average, and equivalent losses on the lower Frame Times. The Division 2 under DX12 is performing exactly like the previous driver. Having said that, for what I’ve been reading this latest Windows 10 v1903 update is much more stable than previous releases, and this will probably be the last test performed with the old October Update. Only for The Division 2, we will continue using the numbers given by the game benchmark tool.

To be honest, I don’t know what to say about this new driver. While this testing is only valid under Windows 10 v1809, I assume the same might apply if you already updated to the new 1903 May Update. Shadow of Mordor is more or less in line with the previous driver too. While the average FPS numbers seems a hair lower , the Frametimes are somewhat better, so the results are OK.

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